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‘division’ ‘
hear his roar, that the city population of nearly one hundred dressed in black armor of the ancient family of soldiers,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, without the slightest hesitation, hand guns division bang, Xiao Yan is aligned.
see this scene, Xiao Yan’s complexion is slowly gloomy. 1290th chapters like
see that many black submerged Army soldiers pointing guns in the hands of Xiao Yan,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, one side of a small medical cents is slightly changed a few people looking physique a move, then get out now beside Xiao Yan, the vast vindictive, quietly surging.
under this and other Duishi sides, the atmosphere at the gates to pull crossbow Zhang suddenly become up,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, some people look with great interest looked Xiao Yan, a pedestrian,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, apparently dare for them in the ancient holy city of ancient Family of man shot felt quite surprised.
‘Ling Quan, you are a black submerged military command ‘Did he wanted elixir? This jade stickers are issued by the ancient tribe,Tiffany & Co Outlet, since we hold jade stick’ is the ancient tribe so guests, and to your position ‘I am afraid I do not have other qualifications Qinzhu it?’ Xiao Yan looking slightly heavy, sneered.
Heard, Ling Quan is a lag, Gang Yu Lenghe, a large Sheng, since it is on the walls Baoxiang shoved into the sky, a figure immediately swept under the lightning,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, like the Eiffel Tower in general, a heavy fall in the Before the gates.
‘Ling Quan, what are you doing? ‘
see that swept down from the walls of the figure, Ling Quan is looking slightly changed, wiped off the mouth of blood, said: ‘Nothing ……,’ ‘
‘did not come ……’ ‘heard that shadows brow is wrinkled, his eyes glanced toward Hsiao go far people go’ and take Xiao Yan is this person look Qiaode clear, this man and Ling Quan general , also dressed in a shiny armor penetration do, but its flavor

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Xuanming were once in trouble, they alleged that the two elders together with less sovereign, bound together in the disappearance of Dan, I am afraid that was unexpected, but they believed Under your hands, so the bursts is close to trouble, but after that they did not have to testify Cao Ying, said people were killed Xuanming Mu old bone, which coupled with the Vedanta deal, they are just very unwilling . Departing ‘Small medical cents Liumeiweicu, said:’ But I see them on your hatred is still not small, and now you come out unharmed from the star within,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, if they receive the message, and will definitely be looking for trouble ‘.’ a group of stubborn guy.
Xiao Yan frowned, immediately waved, said:. ‘With them now that, if either the trouble, do not hesitate, these guys, is not a good bird.’
, ah D ‘
Xiao Yan sitting in the chair, his eyes on the small medical cents Jiaoqu sweep of the sweep, the eyes of the passing touch of surprise, and said:. ‘. Your breath’ big six months this has changed a lot stronger ah? ‘
‘Dan toxic rocket body, for I practice quite magic, this time for nearly a year, the time it touches a lot of sophistication.’ Small medical cents Minzui smile,Tiffany Outlet Online Store,. E8
‘far more than a lot of, well,Tiffany Outlet Online, now your strength, fear is reaching peak levels Samsung bucket respect, this practice speed,Tiffany & Co Outlet, etc., do not look to the bucket respect order, for fear that very few people will be better than you, woe be controlled completely after poison the body,Tiffany & Co Outlet, really terrible ah, ” Side of Skyfire Venerable touches smile soon tone is quite complex, this time, his strength, although there is also some progress,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but not compared with the small medical cents, but it is poor too far.
‘Samsung bucket pinnacle respect it,’ ‘Xiao Yan’s face flashed a hint of surprise color, now completely

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and then wooden floating into the sky,Cheap Coach, floating in front of the old drug falls automatically open, overflow between golden shot, revealing that its like a baby inside golden fruit.
‘is indeed the soul of infants and fruit, but also the best quality fruit infant soul gold products. ‘See this golden fruit’ around the old medicine is anyone ‘eyes could not help but touch surface is a surprise of color.
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded ‘soul has two levels of infant fruit,Coach Outlet Store, fruit called silver and gold products soul infant infants and fruit products soul’ former little time, which is the most potent, and Xiao Yan in the ancient forests that are looking to soul infant fruit, then it is the latter.
‘With this golden soul infants and fruit products, presumably those of the origin of the soul of your loss of gas, it should be is to be able to completely compensate. ‘Venerable wind stroking his beard, laughed.
‘teacher today it will retreat,Coach Outlet Online, for as soon as the origin of the gas to make up for the soul, as the body is able to start refining ……,’ ‘Xiao Yan Road.
medicine old smile and nod, ‘looked at the Xiao Yan suddenly whispered: ‘little guy’ there like your father? ‘ When
hear these words suddenly talking about the old medicine, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, immediately silent,Coach Outlet, lips pinched, eyes with a touch of deep guilt, Xiao war is his father personally, bones among bleed the same blood ‘childhood The latter sorts of pet him, even in the weakest of his life, the kind of pet is still no reason for any surface discoloration,Coach Outlet Online, because ‘they are father and son.
simple word,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it is the kind of thing are unable to erase any blood contact.
calculate the time ‘father fell into the hands of time soul of the house, in fact, longer than the old drugs, the year when he was captured, Xiao Yan

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‘So,Coach Outlet Store, that puppet only will you kill ah …………,
accompanied by an ancient demon pronunciation last fall, this piece of the sky,Coach Outlet Store Online, it suddenly becomes cold, then a black and white color hair, suddenly flying it and the ancient demon figure, but also as ghostly,Coach Outlet Store, and instantly disappeared.
stature disappear in ancient demon that Yisha ‘Xiao Yan’s face is completely replaced by dignified, the opponent is almost even more respect than the soul of the house of nine days, a little slack, is the most miserable ending, Xiao Yan heart is very clear today if he lost it in the hands of the ancient demon is so thoroughly so that was no one among the ancient family support his children and yellow, so this fight, he can not be defeated !
‘I Gama empire out,Coach Factory Outlet, ten years, the continent battles, countless Yudi, hovering between life and death do not know how many times I have to pay, than your so-called countless times more beetles, fighting Emperor blood, I do not care, but if you want to kill me, you have to have to pay the cost of blood-ready! ‘
Xiao Yan suddenly a grip palms,Coach Outlet, the body at the moment unreserved grudge storm surge out of the bones are covered in the bucketChung came a burst of violence between the crackling sound, the vast vindictive, carrying hot winds, so that was between heaven and earth … the cold temperatures rise rapidly, while a voice filled with endless determination Lenghe,Coach Outlet Online, the self Xiao Yan Bao mouth out.
these years of battles, Xiao Yan’s character is as steady as a rock in the face of any challenge, he is able to adjust itself to the most perfect state, which is given for many years and then swing his talent!
Sheng fall, Xiao Yan right fist above, the vast vindictive rapid condensation, then arm strange flick, with a wave of abnormal powerful underlying

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information, but also to get Xiao Yan heart sank slightly,Coach Factory Outlet, because the development of the situation, far faster than he expected to get a lot of times, today’s inflammation League, who had painstakingly built up for years of hard work and just a sphere of influence, has shrunk by nearly a third, and this shrinking speed,Coach Bags On Sale, or in an alarming rate increased support,Coach Outlet, we can see that the soul of the house for this action, took out what a powerful force.
in these Intelligence, Xiao Yan is that now most of the strong alliance inflammation, are brought together in a mysterious yellow-day stream of mysterious yellow fortress, where there is the most important stronghold of inflammation following the Gama Empire League stronghold outside If this fortress was captured, then the defensive line is within a radius of a thousand miles will give all defeated, then the consequences caused,Coach Outlet Online, is the inflammation of the AU will be directly played back Gama empire, it is undoubtedly the AU will have to inflammation of these years hard development,Coach Outlet Store Online, down the drain!
Therefore, today’s inflammation Union and some other strong AU force to resist inflammation lion sectarian offerings were strong, are all brought together in a mysterious yellow fortress, lion offerings were in support of the lower house of the soul, almost has a sweep northwest of the continent most of the strength of the forces of terror, plus they go through coercion,Coach Outlet Store, but also a close embrace a number of other strong, so this northwest continent, it really is hard to find out what forces with them to resist the Chamber, even inflammation Union are at a disadvantage being.
mysterious yellow fortress, as the two sides contested, that lion offerings were naturally will not give up, it was a refuge in case of strong offerings lion said, today’s

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down at Kaoru children, Xiao soot slight hesitation, the idea is not too much for Johnson,Coach Outlet, took the scroll, for which Indian emperor decided that he indeed has no small interest, but said Kaoru children is also good, In this Plains removed, if the measure is not enough, fear is the safety factor will be weaker As for the power of the Emperor never printed, Xiao Yan has long had a taste personally, mountains and India, had turned haiyin king in fighting, fighting imperial order not when it would be a power to kill is not weak, but now with the bucket Xiao Yan Jin were level, and then display both printed, for some opponents, might actually weaken a lot, and want to enhance the power, it will naturally be India is the need to determine the Emperor behind the practice of law –
saw Xiao Yan accept reel, smoked child on the cheek also surfaced hint of a smile,Coach Outlet Online, now Xiao Yan, not the original kind of insolent spirit when young,Cheap Coach, but it is a lot of maturity and restrained.
‘when, Xiao Yan brother,Coach Outlet, Jade Emperor Tuo homes ancient things in your body,Coach Outlet Store Online, and no one else knows, right?’ seems to think of something, Kaoru children suddenly serious way.
‘ah, & quot;’ Xiao Yan nodded slightly, this stuff is too involved, he is naturally not dare to inform the people, the ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes exist, even residential cents, Skyfire Venerable, who do not know .
seeing, Kaoru children this slightly relieved.
‘This Tuo homes ancient jade emperor, is not ancient tribe also wants?’ Xiao Yan brow Wei Zhou, said.
Heard, smoked child hesitated a moment, nodded, and whispered: ‘Tuo homes relates to the mystery of the ancient Emperor Jade Emperor bucket,Coach Outlet Online, presumably Xiao Yan brother know, since ancient times, rarely have to struggle to break through the strong Emperor As for those fighting

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closed g repose, not Hu! Will crowd.
stone eyes to see, the field is some commotion,Coach Outlet Store, many people began to whisper, some people began to seek help or even common checkpoints.
‘When will you try to block the ears with a grudge, behind me.’ Xiao Yan slightly narrowed eyes and looked around the crowded staircase Rat bite,Coach Factory Outlet, Nalan sweet road against migraine.
‘Sonic Rat bite,Coach Outlet Store Online, it is possible to ignore impede vindictive, once got into minds, that is,Coach Outlet Store Online, people would have appeared even phantom dizziness, hard to detect, to the time you will just Guzhe own good, I was able to come here almost as it is the limit, people here are not fuel-efficient lights, I want to grab them, the difficulty is not small. ‘Xiao Yan for kindness, Nalan sweet hesitated for a moment, but it is gently shook his head, said.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan frowned and did not expect this Rat sonic bite actually so tough moment and said: ‘How can that proposition with 7′
‘Rat bite face family sonic attack, unless it is relied grudge forceful,Coach Outlet Online, forced carry over,Coach Outlet Store Online, perhaps with the use of sound waves on Shajiang fighting skills, but the bite gold rat race is born sonic attack players, unusual sonic fighting skills fear is difficult to return to the past, anti-mouse Chaoyin wave array. ‘Nalan sweet hesitation.
‘sonic fighting skills …… Heard, Xiao Yan Jiao eyes are bright, whispered softly, Liger broken Jin Yingang good is not low level of sonic fighting skills, and most importantly, is the year in the black Xiao Yan angle domain taking 一枚 seven bands immortality ‘Yin Yang Xuan Long Dan’, which absorbs a hint of the Dragons, so that was his fighting skills sonic power even more, I do not know rely on this, whether this wave front in rat Chaoyin the carry over?
think of ‘Yin and Yang Xuan Dan Long,’ Xiao Yan is helpful

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energy which however implies, it is extremely frightening, I saw it fly at passing, and even a sense of space is the emergence of distortions the air is being compressed into a very distinct concave arc.
green crystal light over India Shanlue finally hit straight on that layer space blockade, suddenly broke out earth-shattering noise, immediately appear unexpected surge of wind,Coach Outlet Store, and saw that the space was blocked at a road such as wave-like ripples underlying strength the rapid spread out,Coach Outlet Store, after a moment, which racked by Medusa full blockade of manufacturing out of space, actually is directly Zhang Xu Xiao Yan blasted a large hole!
looked up at the empty space warp that, Xiao Yan This long sigh of relief,Coach Bags On Sale, which doubled as the second Indian emperor haiyin India’s decision, it really is more powerful than the power of the mountains and India,Coach Outlet Store Online, is indeed the need of strong imperial struggle who would only be able to attend the tough fighting skills, since this half, Xiao Yan are most of the time to attend this mark, but will it be able to launch it, this is the first successful, but even the first time, and not complete,Coach Outlet Online, but to already have such a power, it is conceivable, if when Xiao Yan to the culmination point of the practice, and what will be the power?
then practicing mountains seal, Xiao Yan is a taste of the difficulty of this decision of the Indian emperor, so the idea is mentally prepared, printed mountains now barely be reached with ease ofPoint, which turned haiyin. But it is not yet reached even small Chengdu, the future and people against the enemy,Coach Factory Outlet, may be difficult to play much effect.
‘seems to have a good practice look ah, if met fighting were strong, but it can play a surprise turn haiyin effect ah’ shook hands, Xiao Yan whispered softly.
‘getting late,

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scrapped, with his body strength, I am afraid to pinch down, you have to burst into a pile flesh.
But be prepared early, when it appeared Yisha Juzhua, Xiao Yan wait for it … the foot locked himself Yinmang is fleeting, and instantly appeared in the open space that is tens of meters away.
‘Well,Coach Outlet Store Online! …’
Xiao-Yan Qiao response so quickly, Mu old bone is sneer.
his laughter had just fallen … Xiao Yan is felt in front of a flower, full of strange soul coercion crystal layer giant hand, once again appear strange ‘and lightning fast if a catch down. surrounding space … again solidification at the moment and the next.
surrounding space solidification,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan is also looking for a change, this crystal layer giant hand is too difficult. Are extremely difficult even if you want to escape, fighting strong respect, it really is not a few.
mind the idea of ​​passing round after round, Xiao Yan is also a fierce bite … unblinking eyes staring at it with fierce winds and bitter caught Juzhua vivo grudge ‘is also in this Yisha exhaustively mobilize the sky, now He … ready to make a last-ditch!
Juzhua Shanlue and open, direct open soon,Coach Factory Outlet, like Blade general … the sky is the front of Xiao Yan
pinch head down!
looked at the eye pupil more magnified Juzhua ,Coach Outlet Online… Xiao Yan is thoroughly looking dignified and
, the fingerprints of a change.
‘Skyfire Sanxuan change, the first change!’ Skyfire Sanxuan concubine,Coach Outlet, the second variant! ” Mind two successive Sheng,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan body so vindictive … Suddenly soaring around solidification
space … also become loosened up a lot at the moment.
‘Skyfire Sanxuan change … the third …,
eyes Yinhen grinning face looked old Xiao Yan Mu bone handprint then took a deep breath …
degree to make every effort to prepare for a change!

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those who qualify, the loser.’ Easy dust with laughs. ‘Ah.’ Xiao Yan gently nodded.
seeing, but also easy to dust in the eyes of the passing touch of crimson, he needs not Xiao Yan Zhen is a stone, but to completely kill the latter, to do this, it was simply trying to make Xiao Yan and others slightly hilly Heart pine only, he hands with people, but not the blood, but not close hand, ‘otherwise, that were easy Shura,Coach Outlet Store Online, it is in the child’s play too.’ Rest assured,Coach Outlet, I will let you forget the pain as quickly as possible, you should be grateful me.
Ji Zhang Xiao Yan looked outside, easy to dust off the touch grinning face, feet suddenly Yiduo ground immediately, just listen to laugh is heard, it is actually a direct stature strange disappearance. ‘Good fast!’ Saw dust easily disappear, stone outside voice suddenly sounded sounded grid.
field, Xiao Yan stature motionless, after the twinkling of an eye, eyes slightly cold, a great strength of mind leg whip, is a direct rip the air,Coach Outlet Online, somewhere behind him severely in front of the space flying kick away. ‘Bang!’
legs in the air with shadow from a channel blur, in the fall that office space, a strange figure flashed out, lift arm horizontal, life would Xiao Yan took the leg,Coach Outlet Online, then thundered loudly, turning the palm claw, majestic red blood grudge, since the body in this Yisha overwhelming storm surge out of this guy,Coach Outlet, this one fight,Coach Outlet, actually is a direct display full, look at this appearance, apparently to the fastest, Xiao Yan beheaded on the spot.
palm catch Xiao Yan bare feet on the easy touch of dust thrown suddenly grinning face.
‘Let me try, your flesh investigate any different from ordinary people first!’ ‘hemophagocytic bone hand!’
soon Lenghe, easy to dust palm broke out in an extremely fierce suction terror, and in this and

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