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Soviet Union thousands smiled, waved Xiupao, an invisible fluctuation distributed out, immediately that enveloped
courtyard energy mask,Tiffany & Co Outlet, is slightly shocked,Tiffany And Co Outlet, and gradually dissipate.
just mask the energy dissipated, a few shadows is rushed rushed, to be too Qiaode XiaoYan unharmed after the three were all standing in the courtyard, just big sigh of relief.
broke into the courtyard, naturally *** calendar and purple research and others, Xiao Yan make the point slightly unexpected, but added a blue shirt and blue Yan ** It is heretical. After
Hin Blue saw Xiao Yan, plump hand suddenly patted his chest and said: ‘Xiao Yan brother,
you are helper I managed to find, so it can not hurt ah … ‘
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is a smile, after the first conversation with Xiao Li slightly, then turned Hin Blue, said: ‘Rest assured,Tiffany Outlet, you promised to do, nature will not go back, yes, when you leave for the Central Plains? ‘
down blue pondered a moment, and said:. ‘Two months later, I was refining an immortality, need some time.’
‘Why two months, ”
Xiao Yan rubbed his chin, Skyfire Venerable also refining fierce soul, and he intends to go before it will be able to try the so-called ‘day demon puppet’ refining out, of course,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the most important is must leave before the agreed day Medusa blood bone Dan refining the soul out, after all, who do not know, this time to leave, it will need more long time, and Medusa there, if indeed … I am afraid that if the situation can not wait that long.
addition to her temper, if selfDishonesty will not offer immortality time,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, I am afraid, under anger,Tiffany & Co Outlet, hate his life are likely to do, so this thing is never delayed, ‘although the strength of Xiao Yan to now seven items immortality refining some difficulty But no matter what, but it is necessary to give it

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that the speed of the spread of the black iris, is instantly accelerated blink of an eye is hit with that rain together.
‘Crash!’ different mad Happy New Year
both impact, rain and immediately cracked open, the overwhelming raindrops are exhaustively admittance into the aperture of the swallow.
black iris breakthrough rain, the speed increased rather than decreased, then that old devil in Notting frightened eyes, rapid catch on,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the black iris is spread directly to the top of stardom old devil feet.
spread and the black iris, the Notting Laogui mouth suddenly burst extremely shrill screams.
blue figure at the moment is that Leng Heng,Tiffany Outlet, do not ignore the miserable old devil chess stardom sound, grabbed his shoulder, and hurried to accelerate the speed of flash back …
blue shadow speed, before reaching for the stars with this old devil channeling some distance, glanced back stardom Laogui feet,Tiffany Outlet Store, brow is wrinkled, old devil stardom feet now, has been completely cut off it breaks, smooth as a mirror, and even the slightest bit of blood is never emerge, looks like that, just as in the previous moment of contact, the blood of their feet part is that the black iris give all engulfed in general, and then turned to look Reaching the old devil’s face, already pale as snow,Tiffany And Co Outlet, even the breathing is becoming somewhat extravagant luxuriant down.
lost both legs and an arm, which is capable of stardom old devil counted almost half useless!
‘day order handed fighting skills!’ subtle touch of color across the dignified figure
blue face, immediately shook his head, toes a little vanity, stature is the rapid retreat,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, even by his strength,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but also do not want the big day Yingjie luck palm … Even that can be next to him, also will cause some loss, this is not what he would

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had happened,Coach Outlet Store, if there is any event, it will not leave Dan home, so now after Xiao-Yan Qiao, touches itchy powerful …
light breath, busts follow the ups and downs, Cao Ying stuck his hands, each bear a singular fingerprints, as if his hands immediately like each stroke, each lightning changes. With the changes in their hands
fingerprints, a Road majestic matchless soul force, began shrouded in between their palms, an unusual soul coercion, so many people have to face the large hall are some changes, While people here are not ordinary people,Coach Outlet, but also rarely seen soul force can be applied to the point where people, after all, today’s era, vindictive practice just the mainstream, the soul of this somewhat esoteric things, just to accompany a grudge increase companion of it, so for the soul force Cao Ying can play to this point,coach purses outlet, they are also somewhat amazed heart
Xiao Yan eyes,Coach Outlet Store Online, staring at the hot Cao Ying fingerprints that rapid change, in that the oncoming Viagra depressed soul, and that the dark eyes. But it is slowly rising Lianglv green flame
among the flames leapt,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan suddenly discovered that lightning whipped CaoYing fingerprints, but it is extremely slow up in this Yisha, ordinary people see her fingerprints somehow strange, but it is so Xiao Yan Suddenly a kind of initiation-like epiphany …
for control of the soul, Xiao Yan also reached a very high point, and the soul of technology is how to minimize the power to maximize power, before which no explanation for Xiao YanBut today, Cao Ying in front of him flexing his soul technology never seen before. But it is as if to give him opened a new world like in the past on display many confused soul force, and the solution at the moment is quietly
treasures, Xiao Yan never lack,Cheap Coach, he lacks is a key to open

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does not mean he is able to let it roll duo say Roll!
‘Hey, good crazy tone, dare I soul of the house so to speak, that Plains, can really rare -‘ slightly shadow on the Qinghai old face,Coach Outlet Store, strange smiles: ‘I say you this little doll,Coach Outlet Store, Do not for a small man,Coach Factory Outlet, is an untouchable offend the background behind their own existence. ‘
‘This sentence, so that the soul temple Dianzhu, perhaps some momentum, but you did not qualify this,Coach Outlet Store Online, & quot;’ Kaoru children mouth off subtle hint of curvature, shook his head, a faint smile Road, On this continent, allowing the existence of ancient tribe are untouchables, it seems less, & quot;
‘There are thirty seconds & quot;.’ Kaoru children bright eyes shimmering, golden small fire
flame, drifting and moving.
glaciers Qinghai looking gloomy, after a moment, the former finally could not help but sneer, if today really so dingy turned away, and that the face of the glacier valley, some may really lose big.
‘I removed the ice Plains so many years,Coach Outlet Online, they still met for the first time
see you so rampant Junior! ‘
ice cold smile, sparkling snowflakes black eyebrows strange shiny black cold wave, slowly since the storm surge out of the body, palms touched the black ice on the palm Za Za’s spread out, into a length looks quite weird blackIce cone.
sharp cone in front of the abnormal, the species is also filled with a spiral pattern, at first glance,Coach Outlet, is the kind of people over the body Senhan feeling, if it was hit by this thing, I’m afraid it will appear at the top of the human body directly to a head the size of the blood hole.
‘two elders & quot;.’
see glaciers move, Kaoru children on the cheek did not make any fluctuations, not far from the two ax turned black man.
hear opening Kaoru children, that two black man quickly

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but those dark golden solution, and it was sailed apply to every part of their body,Coach Outlet, for a time, smoked smelly white mist, continuous body of the puppet the filled out, Chi Chi sound between the kind of contact with the skin temperature issue, quite creepy. When
when the solution is to give all the smear on the puppet body, kind of gray color Senleng. And it was a dark golden Instead, spangle room, giving a very strong sense of the odd jump.
eyes glanced solution is painted body puppet, Xiao Yan is Qingtu breath, immediately Xiupao waved green flames poured out again,Coach Outlet Online, and then give all wrapped puppet horror temperature, sailed out penetration. ‘ As the temperature continues to
baked,Coach Outlet, dark golden solution that also began slowly erode into the skin of being a puppet, and as exacerbate erosion, puppet body colors, began to become dark green up between faint look, as if the copper block in general.
looked at the color actually turned into a black puppet, Xiao Yan is slightly wrinkled brow, ‘and said:’ is the copper? ‘
surreptitiously slips into the records, Yao Su Third demon puppet points, Heaven, Earth, and identify this third classBest way is to watch their skin color, the days of gold for silver, copper artificially ■, and now this puppet out of the color displayed,Coach Outlet, obviously is the last among the First, Third, no wonder Shaw Yan somewhat dissatisfied.
Although he has quite disappointed,Coach Outlet, but Xiao Yan did not stop the flame burning, high-temperature continuous penetration of terror out of the kind of dark golden solution, slowly invade puppet of the skin, as well as among the withered muscles.
this so-called ‘day demon puppet’ refining of the law,Coach Outlet Store Online, that is to these metal material used to transform the human body strength, if living, I am afraid to be engaged in such

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Qiao Lian Han Xue, heart sigh, arch of the hand,Coach Outlet Online, and said:’ I told Han generation brother rushed them to leave, you have to make is what I came to the first group of Plains friend. ‘Until next time up!’ Sound down, Xiao Yan Hao stature, is slowly disappearing.
looked disappearing Xiao Yan, Han Xue Han Yuehuai finally could not help but flew in low Wang up.
door of the court, Han figure appeared in a hurry, but when it saw crying in the Han Xue, had sighed,Coach Factory Outlet, eyes look distant sky, murmured: ‘Xiao Yan little friends,Cheap Coach Purses, kindness runoff Fan , Han brought the future if given the chance, will return to you! ‘(second more, continue yard third Officials! nine hundred and fiftieth chapters soul residual printing
sky day outside the northern city, Xiao Yan stature stalled for a moment, soon sigh stature of a turn,Coach Outlet Store Online, that is, into a streamer, facing the distant horizon Shanlue away.
in nearly flying hundreds of miles away, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly meal, the body that filled the majestic momentum, suddenly shrunk like a sponge-like, quickly disappear away. ‘What time is up.’ ‘
feel the power of the body weakened rapidly, Xiao Yan could not help but smile soon gaze swept around and physique of a move, that is, many rocks fell on top of a mountain below.
‘You are too ferocious power of this cast, but also cause the body to go there have been some injuries, or to quickly heal it, or fear it will sequelae, in addition, if not a critical time in the future, or at least borrow my soul force, which I found a few days, every time you cast my soul force,Coach Outlet, then it is a bit of my soul will be printed in the residue left in your body, if this thing more,Coach Outlet, I am afraid you will have to make this body for you Soul produce a resistance to that time, the soul can not be integrated with ** perfect, you

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chill of the force,Coach Outlet Store, if fight it, even if he were not there this high winning percentage.
‘Damn,Coach Bags Outlet, when the city horizon appeared so strong, small day this girl, and now is getting too much, it seems that the future is going to look good discipline, and otherwise, was to provoke some untouchables opponents For me the Luo family, it can be absolutely drowned! ‘ between
face changes,Coach Outlet Store, Luo family ancestors look red girl’s eyes, but also suddenly become severely lot,Coach Outlet, immediately look for a turn, look to go far Hsiao,Coach Outlet Store Online, f6 gas unconsciously slowed down, ‘some , not wait, really small days wrong, I Luo, in this generation to apologize to her body a few.
‘Well, a little Luo family, to teach them than I unruly granddaughter -‘ Purple research glancing a Luo family ancestors, but it is Leng Heng said, for that red girl, she is also the outset not very pleasing to the eye, you know, so she did not even scolded Xiao Yan, a big chest no brains this girl, what?
hear that from the sky uploaded to the gloomy voice, eyes suddenly a road on the street sweeping move on, immediately screams, suddenly rang in the streets. ‘Luo family ancestors actually is?’ ‘He seems to actually come personally that Luo days, this old guy really distressed $ ah’ ‘Hey, it seems that today, some see a good show -‘?!.
beep surprise among the crowd, which two gray and one white man, appear to come, but also surprised, immediately hurried Gong Sheng said, ‘welcome the ancestors.’
mouth when speaking,coach purses outlet, two hearts but it is a smile, they can not imagine how it would actually Missy jade effort to crush it go, but the thing done to their ancestors in person, that is less than life and death Do not want to spend moment, I did not expect today to this small, she actually took this stuff to come out, no wonder the ancestors would

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lotus fire energy, grown up on these drug, naturally a lot of money much trouble, and the day is because it is inseparable from the mind of Xiao Yan’s sake, spare down now, grown up and also did not consume long time .
grown up on a chair Yi lasts about half an hour, mixed with the slightest sense of the body’s violent drug is being grown successfully complete Firelight, and finally into a surge of pure moist drug along by the odd Bamo slowly flowing, repair meridians suffered some trauma. On
couch, feeling some of the pain to dissipate body, Xiao Yan is Qingtu breath,Coach Outlet Online, injury recuperation will take time, he is now the lack of body vindictive, but added that the practice complements, so if it goes on too large vacant for a long time until his strength would cause permanent damage.
practicing printed statement put his hands again, Xiao Yan is gradually closed eyes,Coach Outlet Online, and with their breathing gradually gather in harvest levels, the whole body is slight fluctuations in space, a silk thread immediately forceful world energy along its whole body pores, and then a steady stream of infusion into its body into, after a glass lotusGrown up after the fire, into the purest vindictive,Coach Outlet, and into the limbs Xiao Yan …
such a practice, which lasted approximately four hours or so,Coach Outlet Store Online, and when Xiao Yan opened his eyes again, the body sense of fatigue and feeling of emptiness is exhaustively finally expelled, but when it is about to quit practicing state Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, an strange feeling, but it is the sudden emergence of the heart. ‘
mind along which shares strange feeling,Coach Outlet, almost involuntarily Xiao Yan quietly run ‘burning determination’ With the rapid burning operation decisions, the world energy into the room suddenly violent fluctuations up and soon a road variegated forceful energy , overwhelming

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of the order, and that a dozen black people should drink immediately Chen Sheng, immediately clasped hands sharp sword, physique of a move, that is straight to the front of Xiao Shanlue go far away, awe-inspiring murderous, so that was between the forest air suddenly froze down.
awe-inspiring feeling suddenly skyrocketing intention to kill,Coach Outlet, Madison steep face is changed, immediately pulled purple girl, desperately like Xiao Yan trio rushed.
but both significantly smaller than that of the speedBlack people, and therefore only a few rooms blink Liangbing Hanmang glowing sword, is the rapid emergence of the two behind, soon like a viper’s Pushe pregnant. Behind the emergence of awe-inspiring
chill,Coach Outlet Online, and it was perceived by Madison and purple girl, the moment the two men are both face Torr upheaval in their current state, you can simply do not have the strength to escape this vicious attack. With awe-inspiring murderous
increasingly close, the two hearts are filled with a touch of horror, but it can only turn a blind eye when they die,Coach Outlet Store, a subtle sound of thunder, but it is suddenly sounded in the forest, and soon the two will is felt suddenly soared up the body, a process that lasted only a short moment, when they get to be recovered, but it is consternation hair cystatin they have is between the trio of Xiao Yan, in their two People shoulders, also draped a hand.
McGrady two eyes blinked, immediately turned around slowly, a smile Qin Zhao handsome young face, appeared in the field of vision.
‘this,Coach Outlet,’ Sir, Thank you very much. ‘To this point,Coach Outlet, McGrady is stupid even then understand,coach bags outlet sale, but twenty or so before this seemingly young, certainly far more than the strength of his matriculation in my mind the moment of ecstasy, excitement Road.
aside, that were named Ling purple street

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Yan Cheng, brilliant smile and whispered: ‘Do not worry,Coach Factory Outlet, inflammation Union will not fall, who wants to let it go down, I will start riding past the bodies of Xiao Yan, Oh, really wanted my chief also refused to accept responsibility for such an important thing,Coach Outlet, actually have not been involved in. ‘
black gown youth face smile, in which the infection under a warm smile, Yan Cheng, who was deep emotions, but it is involuntary dissipate a lot, for this is just in front of about twenty is in control of the ‘Yan Union’ This giant statue of youth, many people are holding on to hope Gama, because they all know that this young man has the ability to create a miracle.
‘Oh, inflammation Union also those of us who Gama empire person may have been waiting for you to come back, you are now, but we all Gama Empire savior it!’ Yan Cheng wiped some pan red eyes,Coach Outlet Store Online, smiled and said: ‘Yes, if the chief to go the front, went directly to the east of Montenegro fortress, where there is the most intense fighting of the lot, inflammation alliance with snake Terran mostly strong, are there . ‘
‘That being the case, it will not much left Xiao-yan!’
Xiao Yan smile,Coach Outlet Store Online, look down the far eastern horizon, slowly nodded, but also not too much speech, directed at Yan Cheng arch of the hand, then behind the aquamarine fire wing extends out slowly, gradually stature immediately On the walls hang a Road awe eyes on the sky.
‘Gentlemen,Coach Outlet Store, hold on, Xiao Yan is back!’
look to the eastern sky distant sight, Xiao Yan in mind muttering loudly, Firewing pick up, is turned into a streamer, Shanlue away! Seven hundred and twentieth eight chapters rescue
seven hundred and twentieth eight chapters rescue
after leaving the Duiqingshan,Coach Outlet Store. Xiao Yan is directly in front of Yan Cheng said the tall fortress where the orientation

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