Lion and the Rose Victorian Guest House

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Late Arrivals


We do not operate a 24-hour Front Desk. Arrivals are scheduled by appointment up to 11pm.

Lion and Rose

For First Time Guests

  • If you are flying in, your plane needs to land at PDX by 10pm.
  • Please telephone us when you land at (800) 955-1647.
  • If your flight schedule is such that you believe there is risk that you will not arrive at the B&B before mid-night, we ask that you book that night at an Airport Hotel.
  • A $20 service charge will be made for arrivals between 11pm and Midnight regardless of the reason for the late arrival.
  • We do not accept arrivals after Midnight.

For return guests

  • If you have stayed with us previously and are already familiar with the B&B we can give you a Key Code for late night entry.
  • It is important that you to enter the B&B quietly so as not to disturb the other guests.