Lion and the Rose Victorian Guest House

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Key Code Entry

We very much prefer to greet guests in person when they arrive; however, sometimes this is not possible. In that case we will give you a special “key code” to enter the B&B. If we give you a key code, here is how you to use it.

Entering the House

  • DoorknobOur house is located on a corner. The big street is NE 15th Ave. and the small street is Schuyler (pronounced Sky-ler).
  • Walk down Schuyler street. At the end of our property is a driveway that angles upward.
  • Walk up the driveway about 20 feet. There is a Back Porch.
    • If you are staying in the Victorian Apartment walk down the stairs to the door to the Apartment.
    • If you are not staying in the Victorian Apartment, walk up the stairs to the Back Door (to the Dining Room).
  • On the door above the handle is a key pad. Enter the key code that we will provide you. Then open the door.

Once Inside

  • You will enter the Dining Room.
  • Across the Dining Room to the left is a table with snacks.
  • The Kitchen is off the Dining Room to the right. There is a Fridge under the island with beverages.
  • The Rose Room is the only guest room on the Main Floor. The door to the Rose Room is to the right of the Fireplace in the Middle Parlor.
  • The rooms on the 2nd Floor have name plates over the door. Find your room.
  • There will be keys on your bed. The large square-bottom key is for the Front Door. The smaller key with a colored band is for your room.
  • If you are having breakfast the next morning, breakfast is served from 8:30am to 9:30am.

Please check in with us in the morning so that you can sign the Registration Form and we can run your credit card.

Please call us if you have any problems entering the B&B. Our toll free number is (800) 955-1647.