Lion and the Rose Victorian Guest House

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From the Train or Bus Station

Portland’s Antrak Station and the Greyhound Bus Terminal are located at 800 NW 6th Ave., about a mile from the Lion and the Rose. You have several options depending on how much luggage you have.

NaxTake a taxi

  • Taxis are usually available in front of the AmTrak station.

Take the Bus

  • Walk southwest from Union Station Amtrak Depot to NW Broadway & Irving (Stop ID 625)
  • Take bus #17 to NE 15th Ave. and Weidler
  • Walk 2 blocks North on NE 15th Ave. to the Lion and the Rose.



Take the MAX Light Rail

  • Exit the station and walk south to the NW 6th & Hoyt St St MAX Station. Take the Green Line (Clackamas) east to the Lloyd Center stop (about 10 minutes).
  • Exit the train at the Lloyd Center / NE 11th Ave. stop (this is the stop after NE 42nd Ave.).
  • As you exit the train you will face the park to the North.Immediately turn right and walk East toward the open air parking lot.
  • Enter the parking lot and follow the walkway that goes across the parking lot diagonally to the left.
  • At the end of the walkway exit the parking lot and go across Multnomah¬†Ave.
  • Follow the sidewalk until you exit onto NE 15th Ave., our street.
  • Follow NE 15th Ave. North across Halsey, Weidler, and Broadway.
  • We are one block North of Broadway – the large blue Victorian on your right at the NE corner of NE 15th and NE Schuyler (pronounced “Sky-ler”).