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True Porltand: Hawthorne Fish House

A neighborhood place with a unique recipe


Dana and Greg Boyce opened the Hawthorne Fish House (at SE 44th Avenue and Hawthorne) based on customer demand after the success of their Corbett Fish House in Southwest Portland.

Besides their Fish & Chips, we love their Calamari, Grilled Salmon and Caesar Salad with Salmon.

They use 100% rice bran oil — the tastiest of all the cooking oils — which is not hydrogenated and contains no trans-fats. They filter the oil twice a day to keep it clean.They simply bread the fish in brown rice flour, not a batter, so their Fish & Chips and Calamari are Gluten-Free.

The combination of clean, high-quality oil and a light dusting of rice flour creates a delicious and healthful serving of fish. This process actually seals and steams the fish. Done correctly, deep frying is a dry cooking technique that produces elegant, greaseless foods with crisp coatings and succulent interiors.

Link to the Hawthorne Fish House

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